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"In New Orleans, we call this vegetable "mirliton", and lots of people grow it in their backyards. I grew up eating my grandmother's shrimp-and-mirliton casserole at big family holiday gatherings. Now that I live in Colorado I get very homesick for mirliton, and very excited when I see it at the grocery store. Usually I look for it at Latino mercados and Asian groceries, but once in a long while one of the U.S. mainstream groceries chains will have it. I haven't done much with chayote/mirliton other than casseroles and, once, soup. Looking forward to trying the kimchi!"
in Chayote kimchi — Sep/21

"350? Ouch, my arm! I will need to get stronger. :D These loaves actually got extra time rising, both in the bowl and then in the loaf pans, but we do live a mile above sea level, so bread can be a little touchy. We'll keep trying!"
in Fluffy white bread (ppang) 빵 — Sep/21

"First try, I'd only read the instructions. The dough was so sticky, I thought I needed to add more flour. Bad move! It didn't rise as well as I'd hoped. The loaves were kind of flat on top. They tasted good, though! This second time around, I watched the video, and I could see the dough was _supposed_ to be sticky during the first knead. So I did like Maangchi did: 4 cups flour, a disposable glove (nice tip!), and kneading 300 times. I'm a lot happier with how my loaves turned out!"
in Fluffy white bread (ppang) 빵 — Sep/21