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"congrats to you too :)"
in Jjinppang mandu — Oct/10

"alex you're awesome!"
in Dakkangjung (닭강정) — Oct/10

"hahaha yeah i've promised my mom to give her some of the ingredients because we don't get much of them out here in utah! and to cook for my classmates :)"
in Jjinppang mandu — Oct/10

"I voted for you back! My mom made jjinppang mandu a few times growing up so I've had some practice folding them. The filling is really delicious too though :) we had some leftover and ended up eating it later. I didn't have any pork belly though (too expensive), so I used some firm tofu!"
in Jjinppang mandu — Oct/10

"thanks for the vote bo :) it looks really impressive for a point and shoot camera!"
in kimchi pancake — Oct/10

"Thanks everyone for your votes! I am a poor college student studying graphic the prize would go a long way for me! :)"
in Jjinppang mandu — Sep/10