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"Congratulations on your third cookbook Maangchi!"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"Maangchi you're so famous now - can't even go to a Korean restaurant anywhere without meeting fans! What a cute group of students."
in Unexpected short meetup in Baltimore — Apr/10

"Good luck and "Maangchi Fighting!""
in Maangchi.com nominated in Saveur’s 1st Annual Food Blog Awards — Mar/10

"I looooooooove chicken and rice! Such comfort food. This will be cooking in my kitchen soon. And I'm going to go vote at Saveur now too!"
in Chicken & chicken soup (Yeonggye-baeksuk: 영계백숙) — Mar/10

"What a nice trip you had! I hope you got to eat fresh sweet pineapple - it's my favorite. Yes, the water off California's coast is very cold (and rough waves) most of the time. People don't know that."
in Scenes from Costa Rica — Mar/10

"I made ddokbokkie using the round shapes before. It turns out the same. (Actually I think I like it better because those are bite-size). As long as you use Maangchi's delicious recipe!"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Feb/10

"Yes, I believe the reason was the pre-boiling. Like you said, you threw away the starch. Instead of pre-boiling, just soak the rice cake pieces in cold water for 10 minutes or so. They don't have to be soft, just pliable (not stiff)."
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Feb/10

"That was fish cakes - see Maangchi's ingredient page for Odeng: https://www.maangchi.com/ingredients/fish-cakes You just add some of these to the ddokbokkie recipe. If you liked that, Maangchi also has a spicy fish cake recipe here: https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/uhmook-bokkeum"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Feb/10

"I've made this several times now. With scallops, with beef, with kimchi. My favorite was with ground beef and kimchi. If you use kimchi - make sure to adjust the amount of KochuKaru! I have very potent KochuKaru and never need the 3-5 tablespoons - AiYaaaa!!! The most important part is the broth. If you have the tasty broth, you can add all kinds of ingredients to the soup. Also, If you don't have fish sauce, don't forget you need another source of salt - like soy sauce or sea salt."
in Haemul-sundubu-jjigae (Spicy soft tofu stew with seafood) — Jan/10

"Very cool Maangchi!"
in What’s happening to Maangchi these days? — Jan/10

"I don't think so. There is nothing in it but bean paste, sugar or corn syrup, rice paste and salt."
in Black bean paste (Chunjang) — Dec/09

"Hi Linda, that's not what you want. Is there any Asian store nearby? The kelp is used to give the broth a more complex and savory flavor. If you can't find it, then I would add more dried shiitake mushrooms to the stock water (just don't use them all in the stew afterwards). If there is a Japanese market, they will have "kombu" which is the same."
in Kelp (Dasima) — Dec/09

"Whenever I go somewhere new, I want to eat all the local food too! Thanks for sharing, Maangchi!"
in Guatemalan food — Dec/09

"Have a great time Maangchi!"
in Going on vacation! — Nov/09

"I stocked up on ingredients at the Korean market nearby and made this jjigae on Saturday, along with spicy pork bulgogi, and store-bought bindaedduk that my husband picjed up. But I forgot to take pictures - sorry Maangchi! Anyway, your method of throwing everything into the pot is the easiest one. The method I used before I got from a book and was too complicated. The taste came out the same anyway - delicious! My dog got the anchovy heads and guts - he thinks myolchi anchovies are the best dog treat on the planet!"
in Fermented soybean paste stew mixed with fresh salad (Doenjang-jjigae geotjeori bibimbap) — Oct/09