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"Maangchi ssi! I am not a cook and I found your website in the process of teaching myself about the wonders of the kitchen. Because of this recipe I can now flip pancakes. I've made it SO many times. I recently added some garlic and some soy sauce to the chopped kimchijeon recipe and it is delicious! I love trying your food and learning how to cook. I realized that with my pan and my stove I had to cook the pancakes a little longer on each side. I used to ALWAYS follow recipes exactly. Next week a friend and I are going to make a huge batch to split to try some other kimchi based recipies. A local ahjumma made some tasty radish kimchi I might try out as well. I've also tried the full leaf kimchi. It took me a few attempts to make it less messy, but it ALWAYS tasted good. 감사합니다!!!! (PS I LOVE your make-up and your style.)"
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Aug/13

"Just made it with blueberries as well. So delicious."
in Strawberry milkshake — May/13

"I make smoothies very similarly to this but I never thought about the honey. It's brilliant. 노무 맛있어요! 감사합니다!!! (I'm learning Korean, so here's my practice!) ㅋㅋㅋ Also, I've visited your site but never commented, so here I am!"
in Strawberry milkshake — May/13