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"Hello!!! ^^ I really really would like to make miyuguk because I'm pregnant and heard it has many benefits for pregnant women. Plus I really crave Korean food!!! But your story about miyuguk really surprised me!!!! I think I know sister Jane Anne too!!!!! I met her in Korea in 2007. My Aunt is a nun and she got in touch with sister Jane Anne and I had dinner at the convent with them once and went to Outback! hehe She is a really vivacious woman and she speaks Korean just like a Korean!!! She even surprised me more and schooled Koreans on some history in Korea! She is in Chicago now because my parents occasionally e-mail her from time to time. This is a picture that I took of her in 2007. I'm pretty sure it is the same nun. =)"
in Seaweed soup with beef (Miyeokguk) — Jun/10