Selene's comments

"Dear Maangchi We've tried a lot of your recipes by now and I was very excited to see this one. We actually do make similar buns at home( our family is koreans from Central Asia, Kazakhstan) I've been looking for a similar recipe in Korean cuisine because at home my grandmother used to make the steamed buns and I thought that the recipe was genuinely Korean, however I guess it originated from Chinese cuisine ^^ Koreans in Central asia have somewhat different recipes for their traditional food ( that includes other diaspors besides Uzbek Koreans, and probably some part of Koreans in Russia). The reason to it is probably that our ancestors were from northern part of Korea and some of them spent lives in China In our family recipe we use ground meat, cabbage and chives for the filling and -- which is a family secret-- a portion of soy bean paste. Soy bean paste makes the meat more flavoured, yummi ^_^ And yes we also freeze the buns-- in the freezer"
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Apr/11