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"Miam, seems very good! I will try this when I go back home.. I like the color! I wanted to ask you if you can show us how to make mustard leaf kimchi, I really want to try it but have no idea how to make it! Thank you!"
in Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon) — Mar/13

"Hi Maangchi! Thank you so much for this recipe! I used to enjoy this dish in Korea and had no idea how to make it. I tasted an other version, acorn jelly in cold soup, very refreshing! Could you explain how to make the soup? By the way, you say in your recipe to add 1/2 cup of acorn jelly powder but you seem to add 1 cup in the video.. Did I miss something? Thank you again for this wonderful recipe! :)"
in Seasoned acorn jelly (Dotorimuk-muchim) — Feb/13