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"...May I make a small suggestion? I love your site and all the delicious recipes. I make this suggestion only to hopefully make it even better =]. I hope you don't mind. you may possibly think about changing the 'Hoe' to Hwae, I think it's closer to how the Korean pronounced."
in Raw fish platter (Hoe) — Apr/11

"it would be too cool to win on my birthday ^^"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"Thank you =]"
in Abalone porridge (Jeonbokjuk) — Feb/11

"maangchi unnie, do you have a recipe for the cubed radish that normally comes with YangNyeomTongDak?"
in Sweet, sour, & spicy Korean fried chicken (Yangnyeom-tongdak) — Feb/11

"Hi Unnie, I notice the market has fresh abalone but I have no idea how to clean it. Is it difficult to clean?"
in Abalone porridge (Jeonbokjuk) — Sep/10