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"Thank you so much for this! I have never had this from the Korean restaurant we go to. (There is only one good one, and it's over an hour to drive to get there!) Their food is delicious though and I fell in love with their kkakdugi, especially. Since discovering your videos though, I just make it at home, along with so many of your recipes. I'm going to take some Dakgangjeong to a Christmas party and was going to take my kkakdugi until I saw this recipe! I did it just a little different, though, I hope you approve! I cut my radish into strips, then added a little carrot and some green onion for extra flavor and beautiful holiday colors! What do you think? Thanks again for your website and videos! My husband and I have never eaten better. Home cooking is so much more delicious!"
in Pickled radish (Chicken-mu: 치킨무) — Nov/18

"I was wanting to make this for a Christmas party I'm going to. Can I put the chicken (after I fry it and sauce it) into a crockpot to transport it and keep it warm, or will keeping it warm like that make it soggy?"
in Sweet crispy fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — Nov/18