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"Today baek kimchi today was so fun making it smells fresh and clear water made me drink some of the brine it tastes really good"
in White Kimchi (Baek-kimchi) — Apr/18

"Hi maangchi I wanted to ask what can I do if i don't find a cloth?"
in White Kimchi (Baek-kimchi) — Apr/18

"I am proud of myself today I thought I would never do this recipe cause of the ingredients but today I made this jar and it's sooooo delicious but my dad had a taste he said it's too spicy I laughed and I told him it's supposed to be like that poor Dad I am sorry for him "
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Mar/18

"Mmm so can I leave it in the air of my house without sunlight cause there is no sunlight come in my house?"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Mar/18

"Hi maangchi. Actually I was having two questions in my mind. The first one is can I use this after I just make it? The second one is that I can put this in the fridge instead of leaving it in the air? Please reply"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Mar/18

"I made kimchi yesterday and i can't wait to ferment I made it with fresh peppers cause I didn't find pepper flakes. But it turned out pretty good "
in Easy kimchi — Jan/18

"I will cook this forever people are asking me to cook for them korean dish❤"
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Dec/17

"I always use 1 and if its bland I put another 1/2 cube"
in Hot and spicy rice cake (Tteokbokki) — Dec/17

"The best thing is to make rice cakes am really enjoying the process as my friends ask me to get them lots of this rice cake and I became famous in school by korean dishes all thanks to you maangchi"
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Dec/17

"I can't live without kimchi nowits I am addicted to it is sooooo delicious that I cant stop eating it I made this kimchi yesterday at 12 am I went directly to the grocery store and bought the ingredients and made it immediately your recipe is awesome thank u its not my first time by the way"
in Easy kimchi — Dec/17

"Hello Yostina am sorry for misunderstanding My friend once made this with less cabbage cause she hates it as she added lots of different vegetables and fruits and it tasted so great try it darling"
in Nabak-kimchi (Vegetable and Fruit Water Kimchi) 나박김치 — Nov/17

"Actually I tried the glutinous rice flour. It will be so sticky as hard to be shaped well I used another method which is adding regular rice flour with some glutinous rice flour it was perfect hope you a nice try"
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Nov/17

"Here is another pic"
in Chapssaltteok (Korean-style mochi) — Oct/17

"Mochi trick Mochi mocha chocolate I used canned iced coffee to make it taste really mocha taste then added inside chocube so it melted right away its taste woooow❤"
in Chapssaltteok (Korean-style mochi) — Oct/17

"Hi Yostina I can help you in something. I know that sometimes korean products are not available but you can use Egyptian radish I use it always its really good as for the korean cabbage you can use Egyptian cabbage its also great. And good luck with it sweet heart.I hope it helped!❤❤"
in Nabak-kimchi (Vegetable and Fruit Water Kimchi) 나박김치 — Oct/17