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"Dear maangchi, A couple of years ago I made this recipe, it was yummy ! Now I came across doenjang in the asian store, so I thought of this again. I'll make a 'frugal' vegetarian doenjang this time, also with delicious fresh tofu from the asian store. I'm sure I will remember how good this recipe was !"
in Fermented soybean paste stew mixed with fresh salad (Doenjang-jjigae geotjeori bibimbap) — Aug/13

"Hi, I am from Holland too and it's great to see someone sharing authentic Dutch food with others ! I can assure you this is a very good and authentic way of making this delicious dish. I should try to put ketjap manis in the meatball, my family doesn't do that usually but it seems to be a good idea. I have an extra tip though: cook the potatoes in just enough water to cover them and with fully closed lid to keep more nutrients. It's just a small detail, but that's how we do it in my family."
in Endive mash and Dutch meatballs — Jan/12

"Now I want to know if this plant grows in the wild here in Holland or not ! I love collecting wild plants, fruits and nuts. It's natural, fun to do and it's free !"
in Mugwort soup (Ssukguk) — Apr/11

"Maangchi, today we bought 2kg of fresh squid at the market which I cleaned and put half of it in the freezer (we used the other half for another dish). I am a bit afraid of trying this recipe though because I don't want my fridge to be penetrated by a fishy smell! Will it smell very horrible if I make this recipe?"
in Fermented squid side dish (Ojingeojeot) — Nov/10

"Hi maangchi! I want to make this kimchi using pear instead of porridge. How do I do this? Do I just take a ripe pear and blend it to pulp, and then I have my porridge? Do I still need to put in sugar or can I skip it? I know that I should actually use asian pear, but what I have on hand right now are delicious ripe normal pears so I hope I can use that? Thank you in advance for your reply because I really want to try this pear variation... it sounds delicious."
in Easy kimchi — Oct/10

"I love that you take the ingredients of the country you live and adapt it to your own cuisine's taste! I'm pretty sure this should work with kale too. It's going to be in season here come winter so I might make it with that. In the spring here there is a vegetable that I think is young cabbage or radish leaves or something (not sure what plant it actually is), this sounds like an excellent recipe for that vegetable."
in Korean-style collard greens side dishes — Oct/10

"Can we use daikon radish instead? I've made kaktugi succesfully with daikon before, so I think it's very similar to Korean radish..."
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Sep/10

"Maanchi, I am growing perilla leaves in my garden and they are doing well. It's just that especially the larger leaves can sometimes have a very slight bitter taste, and they are also a bit hard to chew sometimes... is that normal? I just turned them into kimchi and jangaji and I hope they will get a bit softer. perhaps I just did a bad job growing them... the insects are also eating them :("
in Perilla leaves (Kkaennip) — Aug/10

"Maangchi!! I have two types of Perilla plants in my garden. One has green leaves (like in the video), but the other ones are beautiful, purple leaves. Can I use the purple leaves for the Kkaennipp kimchi? Or can I only use the green ones... I bet purple kkaennip kimchi would have a very cool color!! but I don't want my kimchi to go bad because of the wrong type of plant."
in Perilla leaf kimchi (Kkaennip-kimchi) — Aug/10

"Oh I made it with cauliflower! I just used my kimchi jar since I don't have kimchi at the moment (and I will be going away within a few weeks anyway so I can live without for now ;)). Is it just me or is the brine VERY salty? I did follow the measurements... but the cauliflowers do taste good. Do you know how long I can keep it, maangchi?"
in Broccoli pickles — Jun/10

"Hmm Maangchi... now I'm thinking of making this with cauliflower instead of Brocoli! I think I might try it (if I can find a good jar...) and tell you the results. I think it'll be good because raw cauliflower is already edible, and it would be perfect if pickled. In fact, I think any raw-edible vegetable can be pickled like this."
in Broccoli pickles — Jun/10

"First! This looks so delicious maangchi! Next time we use the barbeque we might have to use some of your recipes. I am not sure about this recipe (beef is a bit expensive), but perhaps we could... it looks easy to make and delicious."
in LA galbi (LA style grilled beef short ribs) — Jun/10

"oh maangchi I'm so dumb... the carrot is in your ingredients list! but the question about pear still stands."
in Easy kimchi — Mar/10

"maangchi is it possible to add a bit of shredded carrot to kimchi paste? this is what you do in the cucumber kimchi recipe. also is it possible to add pear (I heard it was mentioned somewhere)? I like more variation in kimchi but I haven't gotten around to adding exotics like oysters or squid (they are also expensive here) I don't want my kimchi to rot of course by adding wrong ingredients..."
in Easy kimchi — Mar/10

"maangchi can I use those tiny red radishes to make this kimchi or will it not ferment properly (as in, rot or taste bad...)? if so can I add the leaf part too? or could I use cubed daikon radish? I see some recipes online with daikon radish but the ingredient amounts wheren't exact so I wasn't too sure..."
in Yeolmu mulkimchi (young summer radish water kimchi) — Mar/10