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"Maangchi noona!! Annyeonghaseyo?? I love to read your blog for the techniques. I live in Brazil and a lot of the ingredients are unavailable, but your techniques are so solid! I made these dumplings and I have some tips for your readers: 1. Don't try to roll the dough too thin. When the dumplings rise for the last time, the yeast bubbles will compromise the dough and they become like wet paper bags. If you can, keep the dough in the center of the circle (the bottom) thick, and the edges (the top) thin. Then you will have nice, even buns. 2. Get as much water out of the filling as you can. Either cook it out, or if you have a vegetarian filling (in my case), *wait*. If you don't, and you have a small steamer and you have to steam in batches (in my case), the water will inundate the bottom of the bun, and again, wet paper bag. Yeast is a living thing and if you don't respect it, you get soggy buns. :) 3. Don't be lazy making the sauce. These have a high bread-tp-filling ratio and they need to be seasoned after they're cooked. That's what the sauce is for. My wife loves you, maangchi!! Fighting!"
in Steamed pork buns (Jjinppang-mandu) — Apr/13