sol89's comments

"Oh my god, this is so good! And so easy to make, I love it about your recipes, they're often really easy to follow, and better than you would expect with not that many ingredients. I just swapped a salad (I didn't want vegetables with mayonnaise with deep-fried meat) for a simple tomato with a bit of white onion and yoghurt."
in Pork cutlet (Donkkaseu) — Mar/22

"This is great! Easy and fast to make, and yet so full of flavor and delicate sweetness. I replaced white mushrooms with oyster mushrooms (a day before making the dish I cut them into stripes and then fried - on butter and oil with a bit of salt and freshly ground pepper, and then, when the juices were almost gone, I've added soy sauce and honey and caramelized the mushrooms) and sesame seeds with green onion, since nuts where enough crispiness for me."
in Korean Royal court stir fried rice cakes (Gungjung-tteokbokki) — Feb/22