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"Since I couldn't find the canned chestnuts, I used other items. I used about 1 cup of cranberries, 1/2 cup of chopped pecans, 2 Tbsp of golden raisins, 2 Tbsp of chopped dates & 2 Tbsp of pine nuts. I think it turned out pretty well. I think slivered almonds would work well also. Yaksik makes me think of a Korean version of granola, actually. Rice instead of oats, of course. I've enclosed a picture below. I was so excited to try it that we ate a piece before I remembered to take a picture. I also tried it for breakfast. It was very good. :)"
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — Jun/15

"Maangchi, do you have any recommendations on a substitute for canned chestnuts? Or would you recommend just leaving them out of the recipe? I've looked in several good Asian markets close to where I live and can't find it anywhere. I'm sure it would still be good without the chestnuts, but wanted to see if you had any ideas on a substitute before I tried out the recipe."
in Canned chestnuts — May/15

"I received my copy of your cookbook on May 19th, as well as the copy I ordered for my mother-in-law. (I ordered it for one of her Mother's Day presents.) Really, it is a wonderful book. Lots of lovely pictures. Since I've gotten the book, we've made the bibimbap (again), as well as the jjajangmyeon (for the 1st time). Both dishes were great. Thanks for all the hard work on your website, YouTube channel AND the cookbook. Really, really awesome."
in You’re invited to my cookbook launch party! — May/15

"Do you have a recommended substitute for the canned chestnuts, or would you recommend just leaving them out? I've looked in several Asian market close to where I live and can't find them anywhere."
in Sweetened rice with dried fruits and nuts (Yaksik) — May/15

"My family fell in love with kim chi pancakes after having it in a restaurant a few years ago. After watching your video, I was able to make kim chi pancakes at home with some chopped kim chi from my local Asian market. My daughters loved it!"
in Grandma style kimchi pancake (Kimchijeon) — Mar/15