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"Wow looks really delicious! Thanks for the recipe!"
in Cornbread — Feb/15

"Can you send some of that young summer radish kimchi my way? :)"
in Jen Park — Apr/11

"Wow this looks pretty good!"
in Galbijim — Sep/10

"Hi Maangchi! The article describes it this way: "It’s housed in a smallish, bluish building with three doors: one for Gohyang’s Singing Rooms, a karaoke parlor; one for the restaurant; and one for Kim’s Oriental Mart, a place piled high with Korean kitchen supplies." Sounds like they might be the same owner?"
in Kim’s Oriental Market — Aug/10

"Recently written up in the New York Times:"
in Kim’s Oriental Market — Aug/10

"Here's the interesting thing about LA galbi: it's pretty similar to what is known in some places as "Maui-style ribs" The original recipe for which can be traced back to ribs made at Azeka's Snack Shop in Kihei, Maui: Closed in 2006, but these ribs were done in a very thin flanken style: Reading the ingredients of the marinade, they sure sound like galbi ribs: In fact more than one report claims that Azeka's was a "Korean general store" I think it's possible that LA galbi originated in Hawaii, not Los Angeles, and that the originator was Bill Azeka's mother who developed this thinly-cut short rib style which Koreans later took to LA. I think it's telling that commenters on this blog from Hawaii have never heard of "LA galbi" but are familiar with the food. That's because LA galbi came from Hawaii, so there is no "LA galbi" there, only "galbi!""
in LA galbi (LA style grilled beef short ribs) — Jun/10

"I'm with you, Sylvia - I could have used some bugeoguk this morning as well ;)"
in Dried pollock soup (Bugeoguk) — Jun/10

"Hey Natalie, that food looks awesome!"
in Natalie — Apr/10

"Wow suddenly I feel like having some soondubujjigae! Nice work!"
in Kate Galligan — Mar/10

"That's science, baby!"
in Easy kimchi — Feb/10

"Hey Korea4me, good luck! I hope you get the job. I taught in Korea, too, it was the best experience of my life. You will have loads of fun, and you speak Korean already!"
in What’s happening to Maangchi these days? — Jan/10