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"Maangchi, if we eat it the next day, what's the best way? re-heat, or eat cold? I think cold, don't you? Re-heating could spoil the texture...!"
in Crispy crunchy Korean fried chicken (Dakgangjeong) — May/18

"Oh my goodness me! Maangchi is right - you will never taste better fish cakes! I just made these - I used an ice-cream scoop to make the fish balls - and oh my word, they are phenomenally GOOD!! Delicious! I am going to slice one or two finely, once they are cold, and add them to my Mul-naengmyeon! Yes, I made that too! Can't wait to try everything together!"
in Fish cakes (Eomuk) — May/18

"Found your recipe for soy milk noodle soup (2009) and there are loads of requests for you to make a new video!! Could you consider it, please, Maangchi...?"
in Mul-naengmyeon (Korean cold noodles in chilled broth) 물냉면 — Apr/18

"Hi Maangchi, it's me - again! I want to make some gluten-free dumplings for a friend who is celiac, so I guess I can use glutinous rice flour, yes? I would mix it with a little potato starch. I guess they would definitely change flavour and texture; maybe using this kind of dough, they're called something else completely! will using the glutinous rice flour and cornstarch be enough, or should I add another (gluten-free) medium? Do you already have such a recipe? You're such a wonderful lady; so patient with those of us who ask and ask and ask so many questions, over and over again! Thank you for everything you do for us, and have done for so long!"
in Dumpling Wrappers (Mandu-pi) — Apr/18

"Oooh, I am so stupid. I used ordinary glutinous rice flour, not frozen. I will buy some short-grain sushi rice, and make my own rice flour to keep in the freezer! Silly me!!"
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Apr/18

"Maangchi either cooks everything in real time, or tells you as the video goes along, how long to simmer, steam, soak, brine or boil things for. So add up the times she gives you, and then add the time of the video. That will give you a pretty accurate idea."
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Apr/18

"well, I tried...! Used 2 cups of glutinous rice flour, but then, 3/4 cup of water was absolutely not enough - I actually had to add 1 and 3/4 cups - but to be honest, I forgot that it had to be boiled water, and added cold water instead (maybe that's what the problem was...?!) then, I did a total of 4 minutes in the microwave, as you did, (mixing in between) and it eventually came out of the microwave very translucent. It was also really too rubbery to roll! I had to break it into sections, and pull and squeeze it into approximate cylinder shapes - but they look very lumpy and uneven. I carefully put them into a plastic ziplock bag (even with a coating of sesame oil, they insisted on sticking together if they touched!) and now they are in the freezer. Any ideas where I could improve - ?! :D"
in Garaetteok (cylinder-shaped rice cakes for tteokguk or tteokbokki) — Apr/18

"@aarambh, yes I am sure you could; I found a recipe that uses a whole green apple (peeled, cored, finely sliced) and light soy sauce, instead of the fish sauce and squid. Just substitute those ingredients instead. It works well."
in Easy kimchi — Apr/18

"@JoelGZ, Amazon should certainly be able to supply you with the flakes. I live in a remote area, and I get my pepper flakes online. Also, I made my own fermented shrimps and also squid. It's really easy, again, look up a youtube method or recipe for these.... Maangchi has a recipe for the squid, but I confess I found a malaysian recipe for the salted shrimp... they make all the difference."
in Easy kimchi — Apr/18

"Ooooh! I am SO HAPPY!! Today I received my chilli paste - I can cook lots of wonderful things now! Maangchi, I am going to buy the fish next, and make the fish cakes! I love them, and I have bought them in shops, but I think I would prefer to know what goes into them, and prepare them myself! I will report back!"
in Spicy stir-fried fish cakes (Eomuk-bokkeum) — Apr/18

"The only noodles I could find anywhere, were these: https://starrymart.co.uk/pub/media/catalog/product/cache/image/500x650/58ed0a1d92337028f0b1c3378db50959/8/4/846034015111.jpg Haioreum Korean Style Premium Cold Noodles. I ordered 2 packs - the cost was quite reasonable...! I will report back on whether they're the right ones! I hope they are!!"
in Bibim-naengmyeon 비빔냉면 (Cold, spicy, chewy noodles) — Apr/18

"Wow. I cannot find the right noodles anywhere, except an online oriental market - 1 pack of 750g is £7.55 - ! I may have to save up to fly to Korea and buy some there! That price is outrageous!! But I would love to cook this dish so much - !!"
in Bibim-naengmyeon 비빔냉면 (Cold, spicy, chewy noodles) — Apr/18

"Thank you for the advice - I'll follow up and let you know how it goes - !"
in Fermented soybean paste (Doenjang) — Apr/18

"It seems that if I try to load a picture (JPEG) it is blocked.... very odd... Oh well... you may have to take my word for it - it was delicious!! :D"
in Spicy steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl — Apr/18

"Hello! I made a variation of this, like an omelette... I grated some haloumi cheese and began to fry it in a non-stick frying pan; I mixed the eggs really well with pepper flakes, ground sesame seeds, soy sauce, fish sauce, a little sugar and beat really well, then poured over the frying haloumi cheese. Then I gradually cooked it, rolling, and letting the uncooked egg flow into the part of the pan, now bare, when I rolled the omelette! Topped with spring onion! Eating with Kimchi and glutinous rice! So good!!!"
in Spicy steamed eggs in an earthenware bowl — Apr/18