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"Thank you Knotan. It taste even better now than in Aug."
in Shenny’s homemade gochujang — Nov/12

"Hi Maanchi, My gochujang was ready about 4 weeks. I been using it for a lot of dishes. It bring up the flavor of a lots of food, such as seafood and meat. Thank you for the recipe."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Sep/12

"Hi Maangchi, Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe. I manage to make my first gochujang successfully, under extreme climate in Texas in summer time. You are right about It need a lot of care and heart to make it. And gladly I made it! :) Before I decided to make gochujang, I've looked all over the internet, then I found your recipe seem to make more sense to me. I have a bag of 60lbs soybean that I use to make tofu and soybean milk, so I make my own fermented soybean powder. My gochujang fermented completely within 21 days and didn't explode. I think it is because I have a bigger pot that leaves almost half of a pot space. I didn't put more salt in it because I really wish to make healthier version of fermented past. I stir it everyday and tasted it as it gradually change its flavor. Today, as I stir and tasted it in my usual routing, the sea salt already totally dissolved and the amount of spiciness and sweetness come out just right. I like it not too salty. I don't know if I can use it now. I put all of the past into few different size of plastic boxes and now all my gochujang is in the fridge. Thanks again for sharing the recipe."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Aug/12

"Hi Maangchi, Have you ever make your own fermented soy bean flour? It work out much cheaper for me. I think the fermented baked soy bean flour I made came out very good. If you like, I can post how I made it here."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/12

"Today is 7th day of my gochujang. I stir it from the 5th day and taste it every time I check on it, it tasted better and better each day. Today it has less sea salt granule texture and the sweet after taste stays in my mouth for a long time. I love it. I think as long the granule texture of salt is gone, then fermentation may be completed. Can't wait to use my gochujang to make bibimbop."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/12

"Thank you so much Maangchi. I am glade I wrote right in the start of my gochujang project :) My gochujang was still outside sunbathing while I read your reply. Then I ran out to rescue my baby from the heat. Today is the "baby's" 5th day under sunlight, and I think from what you said, I should just keep it cool from now on. I did stir it with wooden spoon and taste it. It tasted a little sweet and I can still feel the granule of sea salt. It seems sea salt still not completely dissolved. the color looks very good, just like Jamie's complete product. I have a bigger pot than Jamie's I think. Because I made the same amount and my pot is only 3/4 full. Maybe this is why my "baby" had not explode. LOL I don't have enough space in the fridge now, so I will have to keep it in a cool place in the house. we keep our house in 78F~81F all summer long. What do you think? I think as long I keep my eye on it everyday and stir it once or twice a day, taste it every time, it should be safe. Right? Thanks again dear Maangchi."
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/12

"Hi Maangchi, I found you were making Jap Chae on Youtube yesterday. It looks good. Now I know different ways to cook starch noodle. Thank you. I am making gochujang right now. My gochujang have been under sunlight at 90F~110F since July 17. I put the pot under our big tree where it can get full sun for 3~4 hour before sun moved to the other side of our backyard. No lid but only carefully covered with cheese cloth. I moved it inside the house when temperature reached 100F. After the pot was inside the house for 2 hours (still only covered with cheese cloth), the pot was still warm and a little hot, temperature inside the house was around 78F~80F. After the pot completely cool down, then I put the lid on (on top of cheese cloth) overnight. This morning when I put the pot under the tree while removing the lid, I feel cheese cloth is a little damp. That is obvious gochujang evaporated after sunbathing. So, I wonder if I should cover the pot with the earthenware lid or just leave it overnight only cover with cheese cloth? Thank you so much!"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/12

"Since I found this site, I have made dongchimi and two days ago I made cabbage kimchi. I like the recipes and they tasted so good. I believe the taste is authentically Korean. Maangchi is a fun lady and good Korean shelf. :) I can find all ingredients in Texas via Korean supermarket and Vietnamese super market. Fermented soybean flour is too expensive here, so I make it my own fermented soybean powder two days before I make gochujang. I use NGM soybeans. It takes one day to make fermented soybean powder but it's all worth of work. Smells nice when I make it. I also learned a lot from the questions regarding heat, that, during fermentation under high heat can explode gochujang, and if heat, temperature, and sunlight are not combine well can spoil gochujang. Right now we have 90F~105F everyday on the high of the day. From what I've learned from you, I plan to put my gochujang outside under sun before 11am when it is not too hot but still can get about 3 hours direct sunlight. Move it in house to avoid more than 3 hours of 100F high heat, continue this process until winter comes. What do you think of my plan Maangchi?"
in Hot pepper paste (Gochujang) — Jul/12