Tfair46's comments

"Hello Maangchi, I followed this recipe but my prok belly didnt have the same flavor as the one I get a lot a korean bbq. I feel like it needed salt. Do the restaurants add salt to their pork belly? And if so should I rub on the meat before I cook it to five it some flavor?"
in Grilled pork belly BBQ (Samgyeopsal-gui) — May/20

"Hello Maangchi, if I put Mung Beans in the freezer will they still be fresh and tatse the same when I cook them with this recipe?"
in Mung bean sprout side dish (Sukjunamul-muchim) — May/20

"Hello Maangchi, thank you soooo much for making your wondeful recipes available. I watch many Korean Dramas and always wanted to try to make the food I see. Now I can thanks to you. I made kimchi for the first time with your recipe and it came out amazing. My family LOVES it. I have one question. I still have some left over Korean Radish. How do I safely store it in the fridge so that I can use it for another recipe."
in Traditional napa cabbage kimchi — May/20