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"Hi! It was a Korean friend in Baltimore who helped me discover Korean food -- and it's you who's helped me learn how to make it!! (Plus, every time I watch your videos it makes me smile.) If you ever come to Switzerland, you have a guest room to stay in so you don't have to get an expensive hotel!"
in Private: Maangchi’s cookbook lucky 7 — Feb/11

"Hi Maangchi! I’m making this recipe right now — the cabbage is salting as I type, and the paste is already mixed. Last week, I was home sick with a cold, so I made radish kimchi — my first kimchi! It came out so good I’m making this one now. Except I love ginger so I’m using far, far more than the recipe says! :) I put some in the paste, and some cut into shreds like the carrot and radish. I can’t wait till it’s fermented and yummy. I’m so glad I found your videos on youtube. Since I moved away from Baltimore, I can’t go to Korean restaurants any more. (The ones here are expensive and bland, because the Swiss don’t like spicy! >:-O) So far I’ve made doenjang jjigae a few times, and I made sujebi, too. Next: soondubu and ddukbokgi! Lots of love from Switzerland! Antonio P.S. I was born in Guatemala, I loved the pictures you took!"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/10

"Hi Stella, without all those aromatics, I think what you make will be like a spicy sauerkraut — not traditional Korean, but delicious I’m sure. You might want to try adding garlic or onion a little at a time, you might learn to like it!"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/10

"Yes, cayenne is much, much hotter than Korean chili flakes, which aren’t that strong. If you can’t get the Korean flakes, use chili powder — just look for a kind without cumin. It’s very similar, a tad less spicy actually. When I make kimchi, I use a little paprika for extra color. I guess you could mix sweet paprika with cayenne in an emergency!"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/10

"The little chiles are indeed called "chiltepes". I was born in Guatemala and when I was 2 years old, I grabbed some chiltepes on a bush and then touched... some sensitive areas. I was screaming for an hour, apparently! I really need to go back and visit!"
in Guatemalan local markets and scenery — Apr/10

"Where did you guys meet up? I moved away from Baltimore a little over a year ago (and really miss it). And I very much miss the Korean food (Jong Kak, Lotte Plaza and H-Mart... yum...)"
in Unexpected short meetup in Baltimore — Apr/10