Toto's comments

"Dear Maangchi, I've searched for an opportunity to make Danmuji by myself, because the sold one contains lots of artificial stuff, I actually don't want to eat, so I was happy to see your recipe. After searching for gardenia I got a bit worried, because I read several articles which say, the whole plant but especially the fruits are toxic! Have you ever heard about that? I mean, even gosari is said to be lightly toxic, when it's not soaked and boiled several times as you always do in your recipes. Greetings from Germany :)"
in Gardenia fruits (Chija) — May/22

"Thank you so much Maangchi! I always bought some Makgeolli in my Korean grocery store but I often thought it was a little, I don't know... artificial. Since I made it by myself and tastet it with self made Kimchi, I was just so overwhelmed, it made me so happy! And the people, I proudly presented it kind of felt the same. Everything tastes better, when it's homemade, made by heart :)"
in Traditional Korean rice liquor (Makgeolli) — May/22

"Oooh Maangchi, thank you thank you! I loved the hard boiled eggs from jangjorim, they were very tasty and they also looked very beautiful. I can't wait to cook them! Thanks a lot!"
in Eggs in soy broth (Gyeran-jangjorim) — Mar/15

"Finally I can make them :) A Korean friend of mine once made me Myeolchi muchim and it tasted so good. At first I was a bit afraid to eat the whole little fish but when I tasted it was delicious. She also added some nuts to the anchovies and also some little chillies. She then explained to me that she used to give this meal to her children when they were young because the anchovies contain lots of minerals that are necessary especially for children. Thank you Maangchi!"
in Seasoned dried anchovies (Myeolchi-muchim) — Feb/14

"Das habe ich mich auch gefragt :D I did it with pre-cooked chestnuts and it worked out very well. The consistency was very good just the same as you can see in the video Viele Grüße und gutes Gelingen! ;)"
in Chestnut cookies (Yul-lan) — Jan/14

"Looks so delicious :) I love such desserts. You can easily control how much you want to make and there are always delicious :) Is there actually a term for Korean tea confectionery like wagashi in Japanese?"
in Chestnut cookies (Yul-lan) — Jan/14

"Dear Maangchi, after making Kimchi for 3 years now I just had a question: I saw some recipes where they didn't salten the cabbage directly but putting it into a brine for 3 hours or so. Is there a difference in taste or consistency or is it just the same? Is there actually any difference in the end product at all? Thank you, Toto"
in Kimchi and Kkakdugi — Dec/13

"I will surely make them soon :) Looks so delicious and also very similar to a German food called "Reibekuchen". The recipe is almost the same, but we use, in addition to the potatoes and salt onions and after frying them we often garnish them with some smoking salmon. Try it, it's fantastic! :D Thank you"
in Korean potato pancakes (Gamjajeon) — Mar/13

"Oh I love this recipe. This year, summer in Germany is soo rainy and cold, so I decided to make my own Makgeolli wich is just wonderful with Pajeon. Pajeon and Makgeolli on a rainy day. Just awesome :) Thank you really much! :)"
in Pajeon (Green onion pancake) — Jul/12

"Are there any techniques or so to make Shaved ice without a special machine?"
in Ice Shaver — Jul/12

"Oho :D Great. That is exactly the same way, we use to eat endive here in the Rhineland around Cologne in Germany (which is actually not far away from the Netherlands ;) ). But I really didn't know that it is that famous. Thank you really much! :)"
in Endive mash and Dutch meatballs — Jan/12

"It looks soo good. As I mentioned in your hobakjuk recipe, I loove such harvest food witch pzmpkin and squash :) I have a question: Can I also use red kuri squash, instead of kabocha? I think, it has a simmilar taste, but not as sweet as this one. Thank you very much :)"
in Danhobakbap (Kabocha with rice stuffing) — Oct/11

"Oh I love squash and pumpkin :) it reminds me to autumn. This porridge is a really nice harvest food, I think :D I've got a question: could you post, someday, how to make hobaktteok? Thank you really much and 감사합니다 :)"
in Pumpkin porridge (Hobakjuk) — Sep/11

"I can't wait, to make this with delicious Ssukgat, I bought today :D Thank you really much :)"
in Spinach side dish (Sigeumchi-namul) — Aug/11

"I see :). So the Japanese Manju is very different from the Korean Manju :) Well, just at this moment, I remember a Japanese recipe, that is very equal to the Korean Manju (in its creation and ingredients). It's called "Anpan". The creation is very simmilar, but Anpan is filled with sweet red bean paste, instead of white beans. But I think I like the Korean ones more :)"
in Baked sweet pastry (Manju) — Jun/11