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"Wow! I am so happy I found this website yesterday! Ever since I spent some time in Thailand I've been obsessed with making thai food, but unfortunately I live in a small city where it is impossible to find decent ingredients. However it is pretty easy to find korean supplies, and a korean family runs the store I get all my thai curry pastes from. So I'm very happy to have found recipes for delicious food I can make with good ingredients! Anyway, I made this with chicken instead and it was amazing! The store owner asked me several times whether I was sure I wanted to buy the spicy red pepper paste and not a milder one, but I knew I wanted it spicy. It turned out to be just perfect. Warm, but not burning, haha :) There seemed to be a lot of sauce when I was done cooking, which I thought didn't look much like yours in the video other than the colour, but I ended up taking out all the chicken and vegetables and cooking the sauce longer so it was nice and thick, and it was delicious. Ah, I am just so happy to have found this website! Food here can be so boring, it's nice to get some good strong flavours. So delicious, and quick and easy to cook too! Can't wait to try out many many more things from your website!"
in Spicy stir-fried pork (Dwaejigogi-bokkeum) — Mar/12