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"Ha! It turned out delicious! I added a bit of ginger, too, and some chestnut. Thanks, Maangchi! ^_^"
in Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) — Aug/13

"I found a samgyetang "kit" with the sticky rice, dried jujubes, and dried ginseng in it at our small, local Korean grocery and remembered that I always see this in my Korean cookbooks and on your site, Maangchi! Tonight I will try to make it using your recipe as guidance, since I cannot read Korean well (yet). My husband is excited to try it; maybe 어머님 will be impressed when he tells her I made it, haha!"
in Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) — Aug/13

"Thanks to Maangchi, I've been making my own cabbage kimchee for 2 years. :) You got my Korean-American fiance to like kimchee! I always skip the seafood though (he's a little afraid!) but I would like to try it with oysters this year since we can get them freshly caught. (I'm on a roll with posting this afternoon...)"
in Easy kimchi — Apr/12

"I'm going to try making the kkaennip kimchi today! Yesterday I bought perilla for the first time :) it's only available seasonally at the Korean market I like to shop in. The owner gave me a discount because some of the leaves had darkened--are those okay to use (just not pretty) or are they not usable? Thanks, Maangchi!"
in Perilla leaf kimchi (Kkaennip-kimchi) — Apr/12

"I finally got to make this, I'm so happy. It is delicious (though I overcooked my eggs a bit!). I doubled the recipe, since I used a side of brisket the way my fiance's halmoni does. :) She made it for him at our apartment once and I was enchanted. This tastes exactly like it! At first I was a little worried, but the results are amazing. I simmered the beef for 3 - 4 hours last night on low and had a nice clear broth, and then I finished making it this morning. :) There was almost no fat on the broth too! Amazing. Thank you so much for the recipe!"
in Salty beef side dish (Jangjorim) — Apr/12