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"Hi Maangchi tks so much! I have been hunting for ways to do this for more than a year already - and trying all sorts of buckets,. but you make it look so simple. Can;t wait to try it. I have got my beans all ready!"
in Soybean sprouts (Kongnamul) — Sep/13

"Oh I missed your visit to Singapore! The meetup looks great, you have a lot of fans here. We always turn to you for authentic korean recipes. Hope to see you in Singapore - maybe Youtube can plan another trip with you! ;)"
in Gapshida Singapore — Jun/12

"Congratulations! You deserve all the accolades for what you have done in so generously giving tips and recipes. Way to go! 52? no way - 32 maybe.."
in What’s happening to Maangchi these days? — Jan/10

"Your videos are great- you have such a wonderful personality- I am sure everyone will enjoy your classes. I am coming to NYC for 2 weeks in 2nd half of March - hope you have a class then!"
in Jan 30 at the Whole Foods Culinary Center, NYC — Jan/10

"HI, the douchi is differently from the one for jajangmyun as it's quite salty and may come in dry form, where individual beans can be seen. The best for making jajangmyun is the dark brown hoisin sause (different from the red variety) which is also made from douchi,but has slight sweetness. SOme shops sell them thinned with water- try to get the paste which is thicker instead of the sauce.Hope this helps."
in Black bean paste (Chunjang) — Jan/10

"HI Maangchi, thank you for all the hard work you have put in so that we can have korean food. I made the songpyeon using glutinous rice flour (the only short grain rice flour I can find here) and it turned out great. We were eating it as fast as we could make it. My mother-in-law loved it too. After cooling it didn't turn hard either! thanks again!"
in Songpyeon 송편 — Jan/10

"Wow the cake looks very fluffy- I would like to try make it for my mother-in-law's birthday. Is this the same as pakseolgi? I saw on KBS how the ladies dried persimmon skin, ground it to a fine powder then layer it between layers of rice flour before steaming. But that rice cake looked chewy, not fluffy- were they making pakseolgi instead of dduk?"
in Rainbow rice cake (Mujigae-tteok) — Jan/10