Winxrifu's comments

"i wana eat it right now....*drooling*... if all the ingredients are available in Maldives...i wud have bought it right away...:("
in Fried rice (Bokkeumbap) — Nov/13

"in Madives its called "Boahakuru" but its cooked in cocnut shell and we add red colour into it...but still kinda the same...I LOVE THEM!!! i wana make heart types and flower types too!! >.<"
in Ppopgi (Old-fashioned sugar candy: 뽑기) — Nov/13

"i make ramen with some fried fish (chopped into small pieces making it crispy),fried Maldivian leaves, adding one whole lemon (original), soya sauce 2tbs and oyster sauce 1tbs....its so yummy like that!! well m gona try this too!! it makes my mouth watery...XD"
in Ramyeon — Nov/13

"nope. theres alot in Maldives...alot...cox we dont usually use it.."
in Perilla leaf kimchi (Kkaennip-kimchi) — Nov/13

"it is available in Maldives too...because we dont usually use it...unless for some who loves kimchi.."
in Perilla leaf kimchi (Kkaennip-kimchi) — Nov/13