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"안녕하세요 Maangchi!! I love this recipe. This is my first time not just cooking with 된장, but eating it too. It is so delicious and this recipe was very approachable. Thank you for your website and your videos. I also made 쇠고기 무국 and it was so yummy too. I did not grow up eating Korean food because I come from a Chinese family, but when I became an adult and ate Korean food for the first time, I wanted to learn to cook it too. It is thanks to Maangchi that I can try these delicious foods in my own home! Thank you! 정말 고맙습니다!"
in Doenjang soup with bok choy and tofu (Cheonggyeongchae dubu-doenjangguk: 청경채 두부된장국) — Dec/19