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"@omolarakareem I'm not Maangchi, obviously, but I might have some insight you could use. I often make sauerkraut from "regular cabbage." Regular cabbage (RC) is much more dense than Napa cabbage (NC), and has far thicker leaves. NC is also noticeably sweeter than RC -- but RC has plenty of sweetness, too! Finally, NC seems to have more liquid (water) stored in its cells, but that might not be the case -- it might just be a slower process to access and release that liquid in RC. RC takes two weeks of room-temperature fermentation to make good sauerkraut, though that result is quite sour. I haven't made sauerkraut from NC (yet) and haven't made kimchi from RC. But I would predict that kimchi from RC would require much longer than from NC. NC kimchi on the counter takes ~ one week. I think, like sauerkraut, RC kimchi would take ~ two weeks. That would be fine, in theory, but RC sauerkraut is only two things: cabbage and salt. That's ALL (maybe some extra water). But there are many things in kimchi, and you'd want to be very careful fermenting many ingredients for the two weeks it might take for RC to ferment and soften to your taste. All that said: I would absolutely try it with RC -- and I plan to do it myself one day. But I will keep a close eye on the fermentation to make sure it's clean and on track for a two-week fermentation. If I have any doubts, I'll put it in the fridge to slow it down and reduce the chances for mold. It will still ferment, it will just be very slow. Good Luck! Please let us know how things work out if you give it a try. And you DEFINITELY SHOULD!!! lol"
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