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@Oxide, thanks for the tips. This is exactly what I was hoping my post would generate. I will definitely order those non-GMO beans you suggest. I have been using the rest of soft tofu in smoothies with banana, almonds and cinnamon and it is delicious. I have a LOT of tofu to deal with right now :)

1) The skins came off easily before I made the smoothie, but I gave up trying to get them out of the bowl of beans. They just clung everywhere. Any suggestions on how to separate them out?

2) I used food-grade gypsum as a coagulant (2 1/2 tsp for 5 cups soymilk). It made ultra-tender curds. The book said they add a significant amount of calcium to the tofu. But I wished the tofu had a little more “bite”. I think nigari will do the trick.