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I would also be interested in a homemade chunjang/jjajang recipe. I can only find recipes for a black bean sauce made with chunjang as just one of the many ingredients (ie the Daring Gourmet link someone posted earlier), rather than the actual chunjang recipe itself which should only contain a few ingredients: water, caramel, wheat (or substitute: I’m thinking glutinous rice flour maybe), soybeans, alcohol, and salt.

From what I understand, this does not use “black beans” but fermented soy beans, which are black. Another thing that makes it black is the caramel, a key ingredient which is not found in any of the “black bean paste” recipes found online. What I can’t seem to figure out is whether the beans are fermented a second time in a similar fashion to homemade miso. Also, without a recipe I have no idea how much of each ingredient to use or if it’s even fermented at all.