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One tip after getting several infestations over the years from various grain products… Always put your grains into a tupperware of some sort. Even the boxed items that include flour, etc.. You can place those boxes in a sealed ziplock bag before placing on the shelf. (and re-use the ziplock of course). This is so in case there is some sort of infestation in grain products you bring home, it won’t spread to the rest of your cupboard. If there is an infestation you will know and can throw away the item contained in the ziplock into the garbage and keep the infestation away. Also, rotate your stock so something isn’t sitting around for long. Another thing you can do is to put the rice flour into the freezer when you bring it home and keep it frozen. This will kill off any eggs that might be in your flour and keep it from becoming infested as well.

I have brought home bugs in rice, flour and other grain type products from very clean grocery stores. It is just the way it is.. But following the tips I just gave will save you a lot of headaches and from other foods getting infested as well.