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Hi, I thought I’d share some untraditional things that I absolutely love. Not sure if they’re all “fusion” but hope its interesting nonetheless.

1) Adding maple syrup to dried seafood dishes. Like myeolchi bokkeum and ojingeochae muchim. Replace the sugar with maple syrup, and it gives a more complex sweet taste that complements dried fish very well… absolutely delicious! I wouldn’t do this for any kind of soup or stew though.

2) Doenjang guk with non-traditional greens, particularly kale and beet greens. Beet greens gives it a nice color too. The doenjang tones the strong bitter flavor of these greens and goes very well with them. I like to not boil it too long though, just enough to soften them a bit, but not too much so the flavor of the greens isn’t all boiled off.

3) “kimchi” salads. One that I love is mixing really fermented kimchi, steamed, cubed potatoes, cooked peas and carrots, raw onion, cucumber, and seasoning it with some kimchi juice, a little gochujang, sesame oil, and extra salt, vinegar, and sugar. Kind of like koreanized russian salad. The cucumber gives a nice refreshing taste, and the potato cuts through the other strong flavors. You can also omit peas and carrots and replace the potato, cucumber, and vinegar with some corn, cilantro, and lime juice to make a “koreanized” salsa. Lovely!!