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Isaac, I can relate to what you write. I grew up in Lehigh county, not far from Lancaster. When I was a child, this area was very culturally isolated, with a strong Pennsylvania German heritage. I moved away and was gone for 20 years. When I returned, I found a strong interest in organic farming and good agricultural practices. This area is well grounded in the foundations of food, so it is easy to understand why there is now a growing interest in “ethnic” cuisines. In Berks county, there is a Mennonite family farm which sells more than 250 varieties of chili pepper seedlings! I was just visiting the nursery and describing kimchi to the wife. She knows all about sauerkraut, of course. And they grow so many chili peppers, so kimchi is not so very different from their traditional foods. Maybe they will start to make it for their own consumption. If you want to visit the farm, it’s Meadowview Farms in Bowers. Get some chili pepper seedlings to grow your own!