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Fm my experience, I find that local radish (I live in HK), the long white type is usually YUKKY!!! It takes FOREVER to softe,n if it does, that is! And has a strong raw radish taste, no matter how long u hv cooked it and yes, at times, can hv a slight tinge of bitterness. However, local radish in winter, particularly at this time of the year is very good, minus all the unpleasant stuffs mentioned above. When choosing one, find one that is really HEAVY for its size even though u don’t need so much radish since it is quite inexpensive, it really makes all the difference. U can cling wrap whatever u don’t need and store in the refrigerator, it keeps well for a couple of days provided u don’t wash it. The same goes for radish fm Japan.

Korean radish is always good, it softens very fast and is never bitter fm my experience. But they are pretty expensive in HK so I only buy them during the other times of the year.

Good luck!