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"whoa the maps are very cool!"
in Some recent website improvements — Mar/11

"i am cracking up at what the mexican customs agents must've thought when they went through your baggage. most tourists on holiday travel with sunblock and a bathing suit. but maangchi travels with gojuchang, red pepper flakes and fish sauce. maangchi once again proves that she can -- and will -- make amazing korean food under any circumstances. super-maangchi ;)"
in Emergency Kimchi (Yangbaechu-kimchi) — Mar/11

"maangchi, i think the white milky and sticky drink you had was champurrado. it's like horchata, only served hot with some sweet corn masa flour to thicken it and a bit of chocolate. they sell it in queens too from the taco trucks."
in Food, food in Mexico! — Mar/11

"get ready Mexico, here comes Maangchi! Have fun and safe travels!"
in Leaving for Mexico — Jan/11

"The tip about wiping the knife with a wet paper towel really works. I was a little worried when I started cutting it and it fell apart. Then I checked your blog and saw the tip, and it worked well. I use a sharp knife and I cut very slowly in a saw-like fashion. Cleanly-cut kimbap awaits... Thanks again for the recipe, Maangchi!"
in Tuna gimbap — Jan/11

"maangchi, i am so impressed with you! you travel with soybean and hot pepper paste. that is one dedicated korean cook! your knife skills are also quite impressive -- you remind me of MacGyver. thanks for sharing"
in Dipping sauce for raw fish (Doenjang-banga) — Dec/10

"wow, maangchi, you are so diligent to do this by hand! a mandolin would make the chopping so much easier. i gotta try this recipe."
in Radish salad (Musaengchae) — Sep/10

"Maangchi - i made a vegetarian version of this recipe, excluding pork and beef, and adding chopped carrots and ginger instead. It turned out really well. A tip that I have, though, is that without the meat, the onion flavor can be a bit overpowering. Decrease the onions (by maybe even half!) and maybe add something like cabbage or squeezed kimchi. And voila, veggie mandu."
in Mandu (Dumplings) — Sep/10

"maangchi! your recipes were great. - i followed your mandu recipe, except i made them all vegetarian. no beef or pork. instead, i added some ginger and finely chopped carrots, and it worked wonders. such a versatile recipe! - i also followed your recipe for fried tofu appetizer with sesame-scallion sauce. absolutely delicious. the key (as you noted) is to really dry the tofu well before pan frying. this really adds to the crispiness and allows you to use less oil. - i also made the perilla kimchi that we made together at the feastival in flushing, ny. it tasted great and it was so colorful. i bought the other dishes at the grocery store - marinated bulgogi and cabbage kimchi. next time i will make my own using your recipes. thanks, maangchi, for saving the day again."
in Asian Feastival, Sep.6, 2010 — Sep/10

"maangchi! was so great to meet you again. loved that you got the audience involved in helping make the perilla leaf kimchi. i am going to attempt a maangchi-recipes-only korean dinner this weekend."
in Asian Feastival, Sep.6, 2010 — Sep/10