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"Dear Maangchi, where can I find how many servings this (and other) recipes makes? I might have overlooked, however I have not found how many servings the recipes make. Thank you for your time. ps; I love red bean products and most korean food, it is so healthy and delicious. I recommend your site to many of my friends and colleagues, and they all love it."
in Sweet red bean soup (Danpatjuk) — Sep/13

"I made this again, but this time with chicken thighs and less spicy. I left out the potatoes (low carb diet) and I added some ginger. I have been craving ginger but I don't like ginger on it's own, I prefer when it is mixed with garlic and hot pepper paste or flakes. It was delicious!"
in Dakbokkeumtang (Spicy braised chicken) — Jul/13

"I made kimchi last night, it has been a year since I last made kimchi. I had forgotten that one year ago, after salting and rinsing, the cabbage came out too salty. I fixed it by rinsing it more and leaving it in water for an hour or so untill it wasn't too salty anymore. It came out too salty last night as well, and I fixed it in the same way. But for next time, too avoid too salty cabbage, I would like to know if I should reduce the amount of salt, or reduce the salting time or both?"
in Easy kimchi — Jul/13