About the show

In March, 2011 I pitched the YouTube NextUp contest with an idea for a global cooking show where I would meet and cook with members of my YouTube audience. My idea was chosen, and I was given training at YouTube Creator's Camp, new camera equipment, and the funding to do the show.

So from October to November, 2011 I travelled the world, cooking Korean recipes with members of my YouTube audience, and also learning how to cook their local, homemade dishes. We had a ton of fun and learned all kinds of cooking!

Travel stories

  1. floweragnes Canterbury
    Oct 3
  2. SarahMoorehouse Amsterdam Netherlands
    Oct 7
  3. alltogether Rotterdam Netherlands
    Oct 10
  4. 18 Rotterdam Netherlands
    Oct 11
  5. altogether Copenhagen Denmark
    Oct 14
  6. groupphoto3 Sydney
    Oct 22
  7. kimchimaking Wellington
    New Zealand
    Oct 24
  8. rollsofkimbap Wellington
    New Zealand
    Oct 25
  9. ricewine1 Rotorua
    New Zealand
    Oct 27
  10. Welcome Rotorua
    New Zealand
    Oct 29
  11. helpyourself Rotorua
    New Zealand
    Oct 30
  12. Singaporemeetup Singapore
    Nov 5
  13. groupphoto Jakarta
    Nov 8
  14. grouppointing Kuala Lumpur
    Nov 12
  15. groupphoto Manila
    The Philippines
    Nov 16

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