My trip from Copenhagen to Sydney was the longest journey that I have ever taken in my life. It was more than 35 hours from hotel to hotel and a total of about 24 hours actually on the airplane, from Copenhagen to London to Seoul to Sidney. I never lay down for 35 hours at a time, and most of the time my body was confined in small narrow airplane seat. I was constantly moving my neck cushion from my neck, to my back, to the sides of body. I usually enjoy airplane travel but this trip was a little bit too much, which I was expecting it to be.

Korean Air provided a delicious “green tea porridge” for breakfast. I loved it. Even though I had arrested myself with the seatbelt, when it comes to food, I’m always excited. : )

Bibimbap at a restaurant in the Incheon airport, during a 5-hour stopover for my flight for Sydney.

It was 8:30 am when I arrived at my hotel in Sydney. I was hoping that I could check in earlier than their usual check in time of 2:00 pm, but they said: “The room is not ready yet. Please leave your luggage here if you want to go out while we get it ready.”

I asked: “I’m very exhausted from a long flight. Do you have any shower facilities I can use?”

They said: “Yes, you can go upstairs the 15th floor swimming pool and use the shower room.”

The shower room was actually a bathroom. I locked the door and took a long shower, changed my clothes, and even put on my makeup. I dried my hair with the hand dryer on the wall. Luckily nobody knocked on the bathroom door. : )

Then I came downstairs and left my all bags with the concierge to explore Sydney’s early morning! The people, streets, coffeeshops, all looked like I had seen them before and felt very familiar to me, like I’d been living there for a long time. Sydney is the kind of city that I would be able to live in right away. Isn’t it strange? I found a few Korean grocery stores on the streets, too.

The hotel room had a kitchen, so I could cook some food for myself and for the meetup picnic. I bought soy sauce, hot pepper paste, vinegar, soybean paste, toasted sesame oil, garlic, etc.

The next day I met Chris who organized the meetup we were going to have. He took a day off to show me around Sydney! I invited him and his friend for breakfast in my hotel room. Our breakfast menu was rice, fried flounder, doenjang jjigae, and cucumber salad. I got all the ingredients from a Korean store near the hotel. His friend Jeongcheol said he came to Sydney on the Australian Working Holiday Program.

I asked them: “How long have you been friends? Where did you meet?”

They said: “Oh, we met at a Korean restaurant near here” I asked: “Who said something first?” Jeongcheol said: “I did.” They seemed to get along really well with each other.

After breakfast, we went to the Sydney Opera House and Chinatown (to shop for the next day’s meetup). All products sold at the market were very fresh, good quality, and cheap!

Delicious steamed sweet potato. I couldn’t  resist tasting their goguma. Uh? Did it have whiskers? : )


Market near Chinatown. Chris bought one of these watermelons for the next day’s meetup.

Chris and Jeongcheol

Our meetup was held in the Botanical Gardens Park. I made spicy sweet and sour squid, spicy sweet and sour mushrooms, soybean sprouts, spinach, and rice. I made these in my hotel room kitchen.

Kongnamul (soybean sprouts), sigeumchi namul (spinach), and ojingeomuchim (spicy squid)

Delicious home cooked food that everybody brought


Tim Forrester, Chris’ brother, lives 2½ hours driving distance from Sydney and came all the way by car to join the meetup with his friends. He was introduced to Korean food by Chris, and now he’s a big fan.

Meeting Mr.Rashmi and his wife at the meetup confirmed for me that this Gapshida tour was a great idea. They have been my silent readers since I started posting recipes. If I hadn’t visited Sydney for this tour, I would never have known or imagined their existence. Rashmi brought his kimchi made without fish sauce. It was very tasty! His wife told me Mr. Rashmi always cooks Korean dishes at home with my recipes.

At the meetup, when I gave a tip about making kimchi or any side dish, I saw him taking notes. : )  And when the meetup was finished he took some of my leftover soybean sprouts and spinach dish to go home with him, even though he had brought his own. He said: “I like to compare the taste of mine and yours when I go home.” I was very impressed by his passion for cooking!

Australian Coopers pale ale beer. It was delicious! How was taste like? eh, a little bit of kimchi flavor, sesame oil… haha, that’s a joke!

Chris’ hands! “I made this wrap for you, Maangchi!” Grilled kangaroo wrapped in lettuce. Kangaroo meat is darker than beef and the taste is like beef but very tender. Funny thing is that Chris prepared Korean style grilled kangaroo meat. He brought lettuce, Korean dipping sauce (ssamjang), and Korean green onion salad (pajeori).

Popular Australian chocolate coated cookie. Someone in the group told me how to enjoy this cookie. “Take a bite from the top right and the bottom left, and put it in hot coffee to suck it, ooh yummy!” I bought a package of TimTam at the Sidney airport and tried to suck my morning coffee in the hotel in New Zealand. The result? : ) It didn’t go well. The cookie slid into the hot coffee, so I couldn’t suck the coffee. I should practice more! : )

Australian traditional Lamington: Chocolate sponge cake with coconuts. sweet, fluffy, and soft!

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge, Sydney

Sydney was such a wonderful city, and not only was I treated warmly but it really felt like a second home to me. This was my first time to go to the Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, and I’m glad I went. Next stop, New Zealand!


  1. Mizukik7 Syd joined 4/12 & has 1 comment

    I cant believe it i didnt know u were in sydney :( so heartbroken.. Is there next time? I hope ur visiting sydney/ jakarta soon :) (im aus-indonesian )

  2. greenyshell Sydney joined 8/10 & has 3 comments

    omg it looks fun…. too bad i have an appointment on that day and could not make it.
    sending love from Sydney…

    ps:jeongcheoul is cute lol

  3. chef Benedict Manila, Philippines joined 11/11 & has 45 comments

    and by the way… i have a former classmate who is studying in melbourne and also my bestfriends daughter as well both in melbourne, plus my auntie’s friends there… by the way i have also some facebook friends aside from chris… there are 2 muaythai boxers the other one is a teen and the other has an italian race and referee from the show called “the challenger muaythai” plus… a young athlete for youth olympics happened in 2010…

  4. chef Benedict Manila, Philippines joined 11/11 & has 45 comments

    glad to hear about this trip for maangchi and a meet up with chris and other aussie fans! :D by the way i just wanna say something… i havent been here but i always remember this place because of masterchef australia and junior masterchef australia, especially chinatown reminds me of kylie kwong one of australia’s famous celebrity chefs… and i’ve heard also that sydney is one of many filipino immigrants and OFWs (overseas filipino workers),

  5. mokpochica Michigan joined 1/09 & has 89 comments

    What a feast for my eyes! That picnic with all the home cooked food looks amazing. Korean style kangaroo meat sounds great. I really want to try it now. I know there were a lot of jealous people in that park when they saw your beautiful and delicious food. And what a versatile chef you are, even cooking in your hotel room kitchen!

  6. sweetchochomelk Vlaardingen - Netherland joined 10/11 & has 8 comments

    Great Gapshida in Sidney! :)

    You’look re so pretty en cuteeeeee Maangchi!!! :), Me like it!! :D

    Succes for next Gapshida! :)


  7. mina denmark joined 7/09 & has 3 comments

    looks like you had a great time in sydney! oh and the food looks great… even on korean air! wow, i need to fly with them sometime. it’s the best airplane food i’ve ever seen. :D

  8. hanabanana KL, Malaysia joined 11/09 & has 9 comments

    such an awesome story! can’t wait to meet u in Malaysia

  9. Reinier Rotterdam, The Netherlands joined 2/09 & has 101 comments

    Great, everywere the Gapsida events look awesome!

  10. designismylife Tokyo joined 10/11 & has 1 comment

    WOW! I’m originally form Sydney but now I live in Tokyo! I’m Korean and my father used to be a chef and always cooked the BEST kalbi. All of the places here were so nostalgic! I’m glad you had a good time! There are so many Koreans and great Korean restaurants in Sydney! I always enjoy your videos! Please come to Tokyo!

  11. Helenloh Malaysia joined 7/11 & has 11 comments

    oh yes, do I spy Chatime Pearl tea on the table?
    we have that in Malaysia as well and it’s a roaring business here

  12. Helenloh Malaysia joined 7/11 & has 11 comments

    You are one amazing lady! flying for hours and then being able to shop and cook such elaborate dishes in a hotel room without any problem. I take my hat off to you my dear. See you in Malaysia soon!

  13. pucca joined 3/11 & has 9 comments

    Wow! This is my favorite post so far — the picnic food looks so good, and the weather looks nice (unlike NYC, where it has been snowing). Thanks for the photo of the Korean Air meal — that was cool to see for those of us who haven’t traveled much!

  14. korea4me South Korea joined 10/09 & has 55 comments

    Oh gosh, what a long flight, Mangchi. I think you will sleep for a week when you come back home. ^__^

  15. IowaWhiteDevil Near Cedar Rapids, IA USA joined 6/11 & has 10 comments


    You know that you are awesome when you make an already adventurous dude set new goals!

    The food on Korean Air is really quite good for airplane. Been there, done that!
    The food in Incheon airport isn’t all that bad either. It sure beats Burger King… Been there and done that too.

    But eating homemade “Kangaroo Kalbi” downunder? Now that’s something I have to do. Add it to the list! :)

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