"kimchi pancake" posted by bo.

kimchi pancake


  1. Mingie The Netherlands joined 3/10 & has 6 comments

    Thanks so much Bo!
    Also my congratulations to you.
    Last time I mistake you for the Grand prize winner, I am sorry for that.
    But anyway congratz :)

  2. Vivyan joined 10/10 & has 1 comment

    looks yummy!!!

  3. casuh joined 10/10 & has 1 comment

    You got my vote. Delicious!!!

  4. pshin3 joined 9/10 & has 6 comments

    thanks for the vote bo :)
    it looks really impressive for a point and shoot camera!

  5. bo Hawaii joined 7/10 & has 49 comments

    Thank you to all of you who voted! Whether I win or not… it’s fun and an honor to be on the list. I just have a cheapy point and shoot camera. My poor family has to stand around, chopstick in hand, until my food is done with its “photo shoot!”

  6. yumi honolulu joined 9/10 & has 1 comment

    yum yum! so proud of you. love you!

  7. Yummy once again BO you did it again. Hawaii Kai’s #1 Korean chef and photographer!!! She make her food come alive and looks so ONO (delicious in Hawaiian). Congratulation for a great job done your passion truly shows in your cooking as your pictures!!! Aloha Monica and Jordan (woof woof aunty bo!!!)

  8. RNM Honolulu joined 9/10 & has 1 comment

    Looking good Bo!

  9. Looks great

    John Elray

  10. Wow..this looks so good! I love it.

  11. bo Hawaii joined 7/10 & has 49 comments

    the kimchi is from maangchi’s recipe as well as the pancake. Garlic chives and green onions are home grown

  12. powerplantop Louisiana joined 6/09 & has 70 comments

    Great looking kimchijeon.

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