"Piggy Steamed pork Buns" posted by Cooking-Gallery.

Piggy Steamed pork Buns


  1. You have such imagination. This is my favorite!

  2. bo Hawaii joined 7/10 & has 49 comments

    I’m going to make these when I visit my parents in Oregon in November. I don’t know where to buy black food coloring, I’ll give the little piggies blue eyes!!

  3. veny Jakarta joined 9/10 & has 2 comments

    aigo aigooo …very funny , very cute
    Go go … Sinta , Fighting !!

  4. kyo USA joined 8/10 & has 10 comments

    so cute!! they’d be too cute for me to eat :)

  5. leahangel Seattle, WA USA joined 9/10 & has 24 comments

    These buns are almost too cute to eat…almost ;)

    Seriously, they’re adorable and I bet super delicious! Were they super
    time consuming to make?

  6. powerplantop Louisiana joined 6/09 & has 70 comments

    My kids would love these!

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