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Haha, I’ve been obsessing over rice like you wouldn’t believe! I actually bought the Seoul Trading Sunshine Moonlight Akitakomachi rice yesterday, they make both Akitakomachi and koshihikari rice. Then I went to another store only to find my favourite Megumi brand Koshihikari rice so I bought 2 x 20lb bags of that. Now I have enough rice to last me a year! I had some of the Seoul trading Koshihikari for lunch today and it was delicious but not quite as good as Megumi koshi rice. The grains weren’t as glossy and were a tiny bit less fluffy. Though I think my cooking technique might have interfered because I used a tiny pot and there wasn’t much room for steam to circulate so it didn’t cook evenly. I’ll cook some of both the koshihikari and the Akitakomachi and compare tomorrow. I’ll take some pics and do a mini review lol :D