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    Hi, I’m writing so I can get a little feedback on whether or not my idea for a rice cake idea for my grandbaby’s 100th day celebration might work. I’m new here, and I’m not Korean, but my grandbaby is half Korean. Her other grandma asked if I’d bring the cake for the celebration. I’ve researched high and low, which is how I stumbled upon this site. Making a cake style rice cake doesn’t appear to be an easy task. However, those rice cake balls with the red bean filling look SO DELICIOUS! What I want to do is make those, use only white sesame seeds for the outer shell, maybe add powdered sugar so they’ll be a little more white in color, and then arrange them on a plate so that when all is said and done they look like a tiered cake (you’ll have to use your imagination a little to get the visual). Would that be appropriate and do you think it would work?



    The white gyeongdan sounds great! It will be a big hit! Be sure to use the sweet red bean filling because many Koreans believe that the color from red beans will protect a baby from bad luck and will give good fortune and happiness.

    Traditionally, rice cake made for a 100 days old birthday is supposed to be shared with many people to pray for the baby’s longevity. Let me know how your grandbaby’s 100th celebration goes and how people love your rice cake!



    I think that gyungdan would be delicious and very appropriate for a 100 day celebration.

    I have made the rainbow rice cake (mujigae ddeok) 3 times over the last 2 months and it is not really so hard to make. I think it is easier than making a double layer American cake with frosting from scratch. And it is just the right sweetness.


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