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    Anyeong Haseyo Everyone and Most Especially to Maangchi!!! I have been cooking a lot of korean dishes lately due to my addiction to the korean drama “Boys Over Flowers”. I found a lot of websites that introduces korean cuisine, but nothing like Maangchi’s Site. I love this site and I tried and cooked a lot of dishes from this site.

    to Maangchi: Kamsahamnida for your great efforts in teaching me and everyone how to cook korean cuisine. =)



    yay! thank you very much! kamsahamnida!



    Dear Ms. Maangchi,

    Please come to Mascoutah Illinois and open a Korean restaurant.

    you will be a hit for sure.

    The nearest Korean restaurant is in St Louis.

    so how about it …

    Mrs. KC



    Hi Maangchi!

    my favorite grocery store here in Mississauga is PAT Oriental, which has all the ingredients that I need to cook korean cuisine. i wanted to learn the korean language as well and more cuisines, I hope we can be friends and exchange personal email addresses.

    kamsahamnida once again. =)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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