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    I want to get a portable gas burner so I can make Korean BBQ at home. Can someone recommend a good style of grill plate to use on top of it? I’ll be making galbi or deungshim.

    I saw this two on

    and this one:

    Which do you think is better for galbi and deungshim?




    This JC Stone Stove Top is interesting. I’m going to guess that the middle is made of stone?

    I haven’t used one of those in a long time. I can’t say I’ve tried this model. I reckon a lot of Koreans would tell you stone is better than metal, but personally I’d need to try it first.

    The other model is what I’m used to. Should be fine.


    I’ve used the “Pacific Rim” model for bulgogi. It collects the juices instead of letting them run off into the flames.

    I’ve never seen the “Stone Stove Top” style before but I’m intrigued.

    Thanks for the input.




    I use the round model and i am very pleased with it, it is about € 25,= and has a screw for saving juices and getting rid of fat.



    Oy. I already put in an order for the Stone Stove Top. Will report back!



    Let us know how that thing turns out. Hopefully you don’t get rocks in your bulgogi!



    To: Reinier

    Hi, i am also looking for the bbq grill plate, and i think yours is the best. I would like to buy it, but the problem, i live in germany, and i cannot find it. Actually I can find it by, but right now they are out of stock. So can i ask you for some help, i´ll send you the money, and you buy it for me, and send to me.. because right i´m pretty desperate to find it… i´m looking for your reply..



    Hi Dwee87,

    Off course i will help if i can.

    I asked my supplier if they send to Germany, i expect a reply soon.

    I will let you know asap on this forum.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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