Can you teach us how to make Jang Bon? (spicy seafood soup)

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    I only find it in some restaurants but would love to learn how to make it!! Kam sahm nee dah!!



    Also I forgot to mention, my mom tells me how to make things sometimes but she always says you have to watch how to make it. She cant always explain well (she’s korean too) and it really is easier when I watch her. Unfortunately she lives in WA and I live in HI so I would really really appreciate your help if its possible!! I’m so so happy to see how well your site is doing also!!




    What is Jang bon? : ) Spicy seafood stew is called “maewoontang” (매운탕) in Korean. Jangbon(쟁반) in Korean means a plate. Anyway, I guess you want to learn maewoontang. It’s already included in the list of my upcoming tutorial recipe videos. Thank you for your request. If it’s not that you talk about, let me know again. And anybody who knows it, just feel free to leave your answer here.

    Yeah, just like your mom, I had never measured, either. : )




    I think jenuin was talking about 짬뽕 Jjam Bbong.



    Thanks Agasuka! I’m probably pronouncing it wrong but yes the way you said it sounds better. I’m sure thats what its called. But its basically a spicy seafood soup…so good! I havent had it in so long!! thank you maangchi and agasuka for your help! Cant wait to see the video!!



    Jenuin: I’ve seen it on menus as Jampong. I think the spelling fluctuates. But it is a bright red, spicy seafood stew with noodles. Sound familiar? It is one of my favorite things to eat.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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