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      I need to know if there is any difference between Korean and Japanese Curry? If there is any special Korean curry how is it different…

      (also, i made my boyfriend Japanese curry last night. He said that Kimchi is perfect with curry..

      I ate a lot of kimchi I really like it)

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      From what I remember, I think Japanese curry is a little bit more watery than Korean.. I’m not sure exactly though, I only had Japanese curry once at a Restaurant in Little Tokyo in LA…

      I use S&B Curry, and that’s what my mom and grandma always used to use~~ :)

      I hope this helps~~

      And yes~ I agree~~ Nothing goes as well with curry as Kim-Chee!! :)

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      Yeah. My fiancee says kimchi is perfect with curry, perfect balance ^^

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      It’s the same – made by the same companies like S&B. They are just blocks of pre-made curry spice mixtures. Unlike Indian curry dishes, Korean and Japanese like milder, sweeter curry. Kids like it so you’ll find many moms make it for the kids.

      I find that even if you like Indian style curries, these pre-made curry blocks are convenient to have in the pantry and jump-start your curry sauce, which I add to with hot peppers, fresh ginger and garlic, and sometimes coconut milk.

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      All this curry talk is making me miss CoCo’s in Japan…too bad the nearest one (I know of) is in Hawaii

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      I haven’t had Japanese curry rice yet but I’m interested in tasting it someday. I posted Korean style curry rice recipe yesterday.

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      I got a package of the Ottogi medium curry powder the other day. Sodium is very high but i will give it a try. Curry powder is very simple to make from scratch.

      Japanese curry is likely very similar to Korean. I normally get S&B Golden curry roux. It looks like a chocolate bar. You use it in a similar way. Cook meat and veggies first, add water or stock then add the curry near the end.

      It goes well with many types of rice. Short grain and Jasmine though are my favorites for curry rice.

      Coconut milk or powder also goes very well with curry instead of water or stock.

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      Japanese curry is very much unlike any other Asian curry, it is closer to European-style curry. Japanese curry is made with apples (sweet), is a long slow process, thick, and traditionally not spicy in any context. It is considered a child’s dish (not spicy!) though everyone in Japan eats it. J-curry is a popular fast food in larger train stations (rice on a plate with a rolled omelet on top smothered in curry). I occasionally make Japanese curry. I have never had Korean curry. From what I have read, Korean curry is similar to Chinese curry, but nothing like the thinner Thai curries (green, red and yellow) or Japanese curry.

      Not a popular dish in Japan but well worth the effort to try and find there — jumbo-size udon noodles in a bowl of thick Japanese curry. Not spicy but very flavorful.

      EvilGrin – your comment about coconut milk going well with curry makes me think of Thai curry. It is coconut milk based. I have no idea why Thai curry comes in green or red or yellow.

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      The Ottogi medium curry was VERY similar to S&B Golden medium in heat. S&B offers a hot curry that is pretty spicy too. Flavor was also similar.

      I lived in Misawa for several years back in the late 60s and early 70s. Our maid got me hooked on curry. :D

      Thai curries vary in color due to peppers used and the use of turmeric. Green for instance uses a green chili and (i think) lime leaves in the paste. Massaman and Thai yellow curry has more turmeric added and less ground chilis but they can still be quite spicy. Ive had massaman that was pretty red and HOT. Most of them use coconut but not all. Jungle curry has none IIRC.

      If you like Thai curry, try Mae Ploy pastes. I love their panang curry with beef. I add a tiny bit of chunky peanut butter to mine.

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      This is one of my odd ways i like curry.

      Chicken curry pot pie.

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