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      jen jen

      Hi Manngchi!

      I would like to learn how to make dandelion kimchee. Can I use the emergency kimchee sauce or do you have a special recipe for this?

      Hope to hear from u soon!

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      By watching my mother and following hiw she makes it there is only a little difference from using dandelions instead of napa cabbage.
      1. Wash dandelions well.
      2. Salt process same as napa cabbage
      3. Here is tge twist. Boil water and when salt process is done then pour the water on the dandelions and let it sit for 3 to 5 mins….why?…. If it is wild and not grown in a greenhouse you need to kill any bacteria that can make you sick.
      Drain well and either dry carefully with a papertowel or let drain until almost dry.
      4. Continue with the rest if the process as you woukd the napa cabbage kimchi.

      Hope that helps.

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      I picked my dandelions today, flowers and roots included to use for other things, and made my second batch of dandelion kimchi. I did not use boiling water to clean. Mine were in a safe place, free of pet waste and pesticides. I rinsed four times to clean. I prepared this like Napa kimchi, but added a rice flour porridge as “glue”. I found my recipe online, but there were no exact measurements. I’d love to see a Maangchi recipe for this!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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