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      Will you do a duk gook recipe? I used to LOVE having this on new years day with my family!!


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      I second this. bali heh! ah loh ?!

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      haha, ok, my ddeokguk video recipe will be posted soon.


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      Thank you, this brings back the memory on new years day.

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      I came here tonight looking for a dduk gook recipe. My son loves it! I will be watching for it. I love your site.

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      Since new year is coming soon, I would love to try out this recipe please! Thank you Maangchi ^^

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      A bowl of ddeokguk is ready! : )

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      I don’t know what Korean word for ‘fish sauce” is (saeng-son so-suh or saeng-son kanjang kkk).

      Can you tell me what to buy in Korea, if you still remember?. Or can I use dry anchovies? If yes, then how? Or, I have a bottle of oyster sauce I brought from Thailand. Can I use that? Or can I simply skip the fish sauce?

      Ooops! sorry too many questions.

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      There are 2 kinds of soy sauce that Koreans use: dark soy sauce (“jinganjang”(진간장)and soy sauce for soup called “gukganjang” (“국간장” in Korean)

      Koreans use gukganjang (soy sauce for soup) instead of fish sauce. I’m living in New York , so it’s difficult to make homemade gukganjang (soy sauce for soup). I know they sell it at a Korean grocery store here, but the taste is a little different from the soy sauce that I used to use in Korea.

      I found fish sauce gives the similar taste of well fermented gukganjang. That’s why I use fish sauce (“aekjjeot”: 액젓 in Korean) in ddeokguk.

      It sounds like you are living in Korea now. If you like to make delicious ddeokguk, you will have to find well fermented homemade soy sauce. If not, use fish sauce. If you don’t like the strong flavor, use less than my recipe and add a little salt instead.

      When you go to a Korean store, look for “kkanari aekjeot” (“까나리 액젓” in Korean). I know you won’t be able to find the 3 crabs there! : )

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      진절하게 대답 해주셧어 감사합니다. I got a new computer with 한글 finally and am only too happy to show off my Korean, as poor as it still is. Actually, I went shopping for the ingredients before I read your answer, so I ended up buying fish sauce imported from Thailand. It’s not three crabs but a brand name “Squid.”

      You’d be surprised at the choice of intl food in Seoul these days, in both restaurants and shops. You can find anything, and not with too much difficulty, might I add.

      Tonight I made ‘the test soup’ before the Tuesday cooking with friends, – oh I am Chickletta from youtube, btw. Same as you “I love my own food, yummy” ㄲㄲ; I am polishing off a third bowl already. Keep up the good – heck! OUTSTANDING work.


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      This recipe is so easy! I personally thought it was going to be harder! does any one know any other new years recipes?

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      Hey Maangchi and Korean food lovers,

      the soup was such a hit at my 설날 party. I had friends do various steps in the process of making the soup. We spent a fabulous afternoon laughing at each others’ less than perfect cooking skills, chatting, being merry… Feel good, Maangchi:your soup warmed up not only our bellies but our hearts, too. For one afternoon we all had a home away from home. My Korean buddies said that the “soup was better than made by a Korean.” Whether that was true or kind, doesn’t matter. The soup was really international: French, Mongolian-Russian, American, Japanese and Canadian (washed!) hands worked on the soup in the midst of Seoul.

      진짜 재미 있었어요 (It was really fun)


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