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      Hi. I am not a cook, but I cook for my family. Before you think, ah those poor kids, hear me out. It’s a pain to keep different kinds of fish for the stews. Costco fish is packaged to last in the freezer, but it has no taste. I was wondering if there is some fish sauce that will replace the fish usually used in korean stews? Is there specific name for it? I tried making kimchi/tofu pepper stew with costco fish (vacuum packed and white slices), and I personally thought it was pretty good. The family was not impressed, but nobody thought it was a failure. I would like to improve the taste of the soup.
      Thank you in advance for help.
      First time post and I didn’t see I am supposed to send this to specific topic section. I hope somebody sees it.

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      Have you tried using dried anchovies to make broth? This is the base for most Korean soups and stews. It adds depth of flavor. I don’t really put actual fish in a stew unless it’s a fish stew, per se. But for something like tofu or kimchi stew, you just use the dried anchovy broth, rather than actually putting in big hunks of fish.

      Hope this helps!

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