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      I finished making Kimchi on Thursday evening. I left it out on the counter to ferment a bit. I was going to put it in the fridge 2 days later, but left on an last minute trip and forgot all about it. I will be back Monday evening, so it will be 4 days left sitting on the counter.

      The containers are not by the window, and it’s been cold out, so my house stays pretty cold, I’d say around 50-60 degrees with no heater on.

      Will it be ok to eat? Or do you think it will be spoiled by the time I get back from my trip.

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      Of course it’s ok to eat! I think your kimchi will be well fermented by the time you come back home! When kimchi ferments, it smells and tastes sour. You will have to put the kimchi into the fridge. Fermentation will keep going on in the fridge and it tastes get sourer as time passes.

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      Thank you Maangchi! I just got home to wonderful kimchi aroma! My containers overflowed with Kimchi juice and was very bubbly! I tasted it and it was perfect! (I like sour kimchi) When it gets more sour I will make stew and other great dishes! I usually only leave my kimchi out for 2 days before the fridge, but next time I will leave it out longer!

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      At room temperature, opened kimchi lasts 1 week. So It will be safe to eat but the fermentation process will be sped up. Because It will get a sour taste quicker than in the fridge.

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      I think that this is an unspoken rule about kimchi lol

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      Oh that will be fermented and that’s alright! It will really smell sour but you don’t have to be alarmed since that is it’s natural taste. Still, you should make sure to check it from time to time and see if its sour taste isn’t already foul. That’s when it will start to get alarming.

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      I have some Korean friends that like their kimchi fresh with almost no fermenting. When I make it I usually ferment it for at least two weeks and then refrigerate. The fermenting process will usually keep any harmful bacteria from growing as long as your cabbage and veggies are kept below the liquid.

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