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      I made a cabbage soup for my dad,my cousin and my aunt(which they all loved).As I was telling the ingredients to my Aunt she told me that she knew that there where so called “green beans”that she told me while putting in her mouth!Right when she was chewing the “green bean”she discovered that it was actually a green chili pepper,we then saw her face become red and she started choking!While choking,she grabbed her coke glass and drank the whole glass in one shot!hahahaha!What are your dunny stories?And thank you to maangchi for the recipe!

      Bebe Brigitte

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      I have a story:

      When I lived in Korea I was crazy about bul-nak for a while. It’s bulgogi and nakji – beef and octopus, mixed together in a stew. Oh man! It’s great. They cook it at your table like bulgogi.

      So I found a great restaurant, this bulnak was the best. So on my American buddy’s birthday I told him I would take him for this excellent meal.

      The ajummas at the resto knew me, and I told them – this is my buddy’s birthday! They were happy for me. Little did I know that they would prepare a special bulnak for him.

      They brought out a platter and put it on the burner on the table. They opened the lid – and I saw that the octopus was super-fresh, as in, the legs just cut off seconds before. So the severed legs of the octopus were squirming around the platter in the stew, it was a really horrific sight! They were trying to make him happy by serving fresh octopus, but he screamed like a woman and jumped out of his seat!

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