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      My daughter and I have been crazy abt Korean drama which always show delicious Korean food esp kimchi. Being a Muslim it is not easy to find Halal kimchi in the supermarket and Maangchi video on making kimchi is really something that Im truly thankful for. Before this I thought making kimchi is very hard and the ingredients can only be found in Korea.

      After my first try last year and posted the pict on FB, suddenly I have orders for it. Yesterday I made my sixth batch of kimchi for 5 customers.

      I make it to suit Malaysian taste, more sugar and pepper. We don't really like too sourish food, so my version of kimchi is sweeter and hotter. I now add kimchi in my Malay cooking also… esp the "Asam Pedas Ikan" or in English "Hot Sourish Fish"

      Thanks Maangchi for ur video.. I am now a Halal Kimchi seller . *hugs*

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      “Yesterday I made my sixth batch of kimchi for 5 customers.” Great news! I’m so proud of you! The kimchi looks so delicious. You used lots of carrot! If you can, please leave the recipe here for those who are looking for halal kimchi.

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      Kimchi looks awesome. Amazing that you now have a side business from!

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      I’m very happy for your success in a small business that you love , Say Hi to your daughter

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      Hallo nysya,

      may I ask, just out of curiosity: What is it that would make ‘normal’ Korean Kimchee non-halal? Is it the fermentation process, which gives it a vinegar-like taste, and is vinegar considered non-halal, because it was alcohol before?

      Thank you in advance,

      Tanni xx

      P.S. I was in Malaysia last year and I loved it! Especially Penang cuisine, because it was similar to Thai food (my cultural roots) :)

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        Shrimps aren’t halal afaik.

        Bye, Sanne.

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      Dear Maangchi

      I followed the recipe given in your website only that I did not put seafood in it.

      I can’t find mochi flour or what you called sweet-rice flour, I use glutinous rice flour for my porridge. Yup I put lots of carrot in my kimchi.. after I sold all the cabbage I will be left with lots of carrots to put in my instant noodle, simply love it

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        >may I ask, just out of curiosity: What is it that would make ‘normal’ Korean Kimchee non-halal? Is it the fermentation process, which gives it a vinegar-like taste, and is vinegar considered non-halal, because it was alcohol before?

        Halal food can be a generic term for anything permissible for muslim consumption. A muslim and a non-muslim can make halal food as long as they avoided the non-permissible items (usually pork and certain animals that wasn’t slaughtered correctly) and sometimes depends of islamic sects. Like for Southeast Asians’s Shafie sects allow most seafood consumption. Squid or oyster or fermented small prawns or fish sauce inside kimchi are permissible.

        We do have our own fermented vegetables and fermented food item as well. The rule is anything is good as long as nobody can get drunk from it.

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      Dear Stanford and Maha

      Thanks for kind word

      Dear Arale1402

      No. Its not because of the fermentation process. Alcohol which occur during fermentation process due to chemical reaction is permissible. We can use vinegar in our food. This is different when someone cook using wine or putting sake/soju in their food.

      Usually we would like to be sure whatever we put inside our food is certified halal by the authority. In my case will be the halal fish sauce (unless if im sure the process of making the fish sauce is clean so I don’t need the certified halal on its bottle). I also heard that some Korean do put pork in their kimchi (please correct me if im wrong)

      Halal is not only about alcohol/pork/animal not slaughtered according to Muslim requirement but also include the cleanliness and the process of making it.

      Thank you so much for asking.

      p/s I also like Thai food, went to Bangkok last month and the tomyam, mango and papaya salad are really good compared to the one we have here.

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      would you mind to share the recipe?


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      Hi nysya,

      thank you so much for the insight :)

      I have Muslim friends and when I cook for them I always want to make sure they can eat my food!

      Glad you liked your stay in Bangkok!

      Good luck with the kimchi business^^

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      Dear Rini

      Sorry of my late reply, I used the same recipe as Maangchi only that I replaced mochi/sweet rice flour with glutinous rice flour (tepung pulut) and I avoided the seafood.

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      Dear Arale,

      Thank you for ur wish

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      uwaaaaaaaaaaa….I wasn’t sure if already made kimchi was halal aswell…

      Great insight ^^

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      I just love the Halal Kimchi.

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      Hi,i am new here..

      I really want to make kimchi however only I will eat it..

      So since madam Nysya is doing it,may I know how much do u sell it?

      And one more question,

      u see in jusco also sell kimchi from Chonggak company(correct me if I’m wrong)

      is it halal ?I mean it already have it from korean islamic institution,but is it halal ,really hala. since no halal from JAKIM?


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      Han Su Rii

      Hi everyone!

      GOOD NEWS!
      If you are from Malaysia, you can now have HALAL Homemade Kimchi. Please do not hesitate to go to my Facebook page, Hansurii Halal Kimchi for the details.

      Thank You Maangchi and everyone else!

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      azlinaazzeri ssi

      assalamualaikum, hi everyone.
      it is nice to see that i have other Malaysian that are interested in korean food. hoped that we can exchange ideas on how to make our favorite korean food halal :)

      anyeong… :)

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      this looks good! I’m also doing my own home business and turns out there are quite a number of Singapore Korean food lovers as well!

      Hope to meet up with my neighbours one day!

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      Good Blog

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      Jewish Kosher and Muslim Halal aren’t the same.

      Malaysians muslims are Shafi‘i sunnis, we considered most seafood including prawns and shrimps as halal.

      (also we don’t eat amphibians species).

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